Company profile

Xingrong luggage, a professional manufacturer of textile fabric bags

In the course of development, Xingrong Bags has always been committed to providing customers with high quality luggage products.

PINGHU XINGRONG LUGGAGE & BAG CO.,LTD. was established in 2007. The company has a building area of 15,000 square meters. It has 8 advanced soft case bags and 3 assembly lines, and employs more than 400 people. Has imported from Japan, Taiwan and domestic famous brands of sewing equipment, computer sewing machine more than 230 Taiwan, nailing machine more than 40 Taiwan, and related luggage production equipment, has a professional production management team and a comprehensive set of quality inspection system. Annual production of trolley boxes, bags up to 1 million.

The company is located in Xinyi Town, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province. It is adjacent to Shanghai in the east, about an hour's drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, close to Hangzhou in the west, about one and a half hour drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, and south to the sea bridge to Ningbo, about one Hours by car, transportation is very convenient.

The company's product philosophy is "high quality, environmental protection, fashion, and durability". It develops and manufactures bags and bags that meet the regional style, beauty and practicality, and is favored by customers at home and abroad. The exhibition center displays more than 100 series of exhibits exported to various regions. The company has strong technical force, and has a group of professional technical design and product development personnel. At the same time, it can also develop products based on customer samples or design drawings to provide new models for customers. , high quality, exquisite variety of luggage. The company takes Europe and the United States as its main market while exporting to various countries and regions in the world.

Since the establishment of the company, we have placed quality management at the top of the company's operating principles. Excellent and outstanding product quality, meticulous and perfect customer service have made Xingrong Bags familiar and recognized by more and more customers.

The company based on the "quality of survival, integrity and development, management, efficiency," business philosophy, and always take the interests of customers as a fundamental starting point and dedication for the majority of domestic and foreign customers with first-class products and quality service.


Product concept: "high quality, environmental protection, fashion, and durability"

Entrepreneurial spirit: "Work hard, advance with the times, dedication and dedication"

If the heavens are to be given up, then the people will also suffer from their ambitions and work hard.... It must be hard to do one thing well. There must be perseverance and perseverance; we must be with the times. Progress, adhere to the road of sustainable development; we must love our company, respect their careers, and make the company bigger and stronger. We must also actively serve the society and return it to society.

Business philosophy: "Quality for survival, honesty for development, management for efficiency"

The company strives for survival based on quality, and always achieves a high starting point, high requirements, and high quality, winning the favor of many customers. The core of enterprise development is to innovate; to develop, the essence is quality. The company takes the concept innovation as the guide, the strategic innovation as the direction, the organization innovation as the guarantee, the technology innovation as the means, and the market innovation as the goal. With the prosperity from scratch, from small to large, from large to strong, from Domestic to the world.

The goal of all members of Xingrong is: "Build a company of excellence, make a successful career, live a happy life."

The key to relying on talent is to develop the company.

The company pays attention to the cultivation of talents, emphasizing people-oriented, learning to use, and creating a good work and learning atmosphere, so as to ensure stable product quality and enable enterprises to stand invincible in the competition.

Business scale


Since 2008:Pinghu Rural Commercial Bank granted AAA credit customers

Year 2014:Pinghu famous brand

Year 2014:Pinghu City Shou contract re-credit units

Year 2015:Pinghu Xinyi Town Sales Contribution Award

Year 2015:Pinghu City Xinyi Town Advanced Collective

Year 2015:Pinghu City Xinbu Town Yield Award

Year 2016:Pinghu City Xinbu Town Yield Award

Year 2017:Pinghu City Luggage Industry Association vice president unit

R & D Center

  • Board room

  • Board room

  • Board room

  • Board room

  • Board room



  • Mileage test

  • Drop test

  • Rod shock test

Quality control

  • Incoming inspection

    Incoming Quality


    IQC: 100% inspect

    these raw materials, if

    reach the standard,

    then cutting the

    materials, if not, return

    back to supplier.

  • Process inspection

    Input Process

    Quality Control (IPQC)

    IPQC: Cutting materials,

    we will use these

    qualified materials make

    mass production products

  • Online inspection

    Online Quality Control

  • Product testing

    Finish Goods Quality


    FQC: After finish

    these cases, we

    will 100% inspect

    these products, if

    failed, we will

    rewrok it till meet the standard.

  • Shipment inspection

    Outgoing Quality

    Control (OQC)

    OQC: After finished

    and packed these

    goods, our QC will

    spot check the

    goods, if failed,

    we will recheck and rework

Factory Audit

  • Product Category 1
  • Product Category 2
  • Product Category 3
  • Product Category 4




No.158 Xingguang Section, Guangxin Line, Xinyi Town, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, China